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Devonshire Furniture started all the way back from 1992, founded by Mr. Tanutama in Semarang, Indonesia

We export our products to US & European market specialize in retail and commercial projects, such as Sheraton, Hilton, Disney Hotels and many more.

Through more than 30 years of experience and expertise, working through countless projects, has given us the inspiration to create our own “Brand” of “Devonshire Furniture” specialize in personalize project to create a better living for you.

We are so excited to help our customer to create home that is not only look good but also comfortable, and functional to lived in. Whether it’s turning your home into a five star hotel or turning it to a cozy cottage, we are ready to help you!


We have supplied high quality custom made furnitures to restaurants, offices, hotels, retail and residential. We can also do custom furniture and interior design according to your needs.

Kawasan Industri Terboyo
Block D/27
Semarang, Central Java

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